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(www.extremeplasticsplus.com) is an environmental containment services company that provides environmental lining, above-ground storage tanks, composite rig mats, secondary steel wall containment systems and other related services. K2 and its partner, Blue Wolf Capital Partners, LLC ("Blue Wolf'), acquired the assets of EPP through a bankruptcy auction held on November 17, 2016.  The investment by K2 and Blue Wolf allowed EPP to exit bankruptcy with a debt-free balance sheet and positioned the company to capitalize on a recovering oil and gas drilling market.

FHE (www.builtbyfhe.com) designs, manufactures, pressure tests, certifies, assembles and distributes surface and subsurface wireline and fracking equipment, primarily for the North American oil and gas industry. In April of 2014, K2 began pursuing the acquisition of FHE.  After an extensive review of the business, we recognized that value could be maximized through a combination of FHE and a partner with significant international distribution capabilities.  We approached Basin Holdings US LLC ("Basin") about the potential to submit a joint bid for the acquisition of FHE.  Basin is a global, independent and integrated oilfield supply and service company with operations in oilfield sectors around the world.  In June, Basin and K2 agreed to jointly pursue the transaction and the acquisition of FHE was completed on November 4th, 2014 through an affiliate of Basin.

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